Signatures are now

$2 each.

Mailing cards

Dan Frazier

4853 Fountain St

Boulder, CO  80304-4331


I decided to start charging for signatures to be in support of my fellow MTG artists.

Please include a small self addressed stamped envelope.  (S.A.S.E.)

Make sure your address is legible.  Remember that you send the cards at your own risk.

I don’t like going down to the post office so don’t send anything I might have to sign for like insurance or a receipt.

I don’t trade cards.

It helps if you include a little money for the postage and handling.

I try to send the cards back to you the next day.

Other artists have different policies.  Some don’t answer fan mail and others may not get around to dealing with their fan mail very quickly, so don’t send valuable cards before you know their attitudes. 

I do not know the addresses of other artists.

I now do altered cards.  That is I can paint on your card for a price.  Check out this Mox Diamond.

Five to seven cards is a good number.  If you send too many the postal machines may eat the lumpy envelope.